Saturday, 15 October 2016

How Should We Pack A Parcel For Delivery

To help ensure your parcel gets to its destination safely it's important you follow these simple guidelines to:

Protect your item against damage while it is being transported and delivered.
Protect other customers' items. You could be liable for damage to other items if it is caused by inadequate packaging of your parcel.
Protect CourierPost employees and equipment against injury or damage.
This guide will help you safely pack and send your parcels:

Your responsibility
Internal packaging
How to package special items
External packaging
Recommended carton grades
Sealing parcels
Your responsibility

As the sender, you are the only person who knows exactly what is inside your parcel. Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure your item is packaged correctly and does not contain prohibited or hazardous goods.

By accepting a parcel CourierPost does not acknowledge the packaging is adequate or the contents are acceptable. That is up to you. To check if your item is prohibited or hazardous, see our Prohibited Items Guide.

Internal packaging

Internal cushioning and strong external packaging protect your article against knocks and shocks. Cushioning material should be packed around all sides. Suggested packaging materials are:

Handi Bubble Wrap
Corrugated cardboard
Shredded or rolled paper
Polyethylene foam sheeting
Wrap the item enough times so that you can no longer feel the shape of the object. Items packed together in one container should be individually wrapped and separated from each other with more cushioning material.

If you are sending heavy items make sure they can't move within the parcel during delivery, as this could damage the outer packaging.

How to package special items


Remove pedals, handlebars and front wheel and pack with the remaining parts in a carton like those used by bicycle manufacturers. These cartons are generally available at bicycle shops.

Car parts, heavy hardware

Ensure all grease, oil, batteries, hydraulic fluid, brake fluid, antifreeze and fuel are removed and that the item is not prohibited or hazardous (refer to our Prohibited Items Guide). Protect all surfaces from possible scratches by wrapping in paper or polyethylene. Protruding parts should be wrapped well to prevent them from puncturing the carton. Pack in a double wall cardboard carton sealed with heavy-duty packing tape and binding or in a wooden crate. Use sufficient inner packaging to prevent movement.

China, crockery and glassware

Wrap individual objects with sufficient cushioning material so you cannot feel the shape of the object through the wrapping. Items packed together in one container should be individually wrapped and separated with cushioning material. Pack in a strong, rigid outer carton of cardboard, wood or metal. To help prevent movement of the items during delivery, ensure all gaps are filled.

Electrical equipment and radios (including toys, computers and games)

Pack in a strong, rigid cardboard carton. Keep parts well away from the side of the container by protecting them with adequate internal packaging. All computer parts must be packages in non-static internal packaging. All batteries must be removed from the item before sending to prevent it from activating during delivery.

Note: Some batteries are dangerous and cannot be couriered even when removed from the item. See our Prohibited Items Guide.

Fishing rods, umbrellas

Pack between two strong strips of wood or double wall cardboard slightly larger in length and width than the object. Wrap securely. HandiTubes or other strong cardboard tubes could also be used.

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